Photography Retouching Service

Photography Retouch Services.

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Photography repair, colorization and retouching service.

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The best quality is achieved when I can scan your actual photograph but good results can be had just by e-mailing me your photos and I can then e-mail corrected ones back for you to print.
(Nice for those affraid to send their precious treasures through the snail mail.)

Below are some examples of my work. These are images I have my students practice with in Photoshop classes at Southwestern Michigan College and one semister at Purdue in South Bend IN.
Contact me for a quote or if you have any questions.

NEW Don't have a good scanner or the software needed to convert photos to jpeg or gif format? I'll do that for you completely free. Mail me your photos, include return postage and I'll e-mail you the saved versions. Photo enhancement is also recommended especially if your scanning art for a web site. E-mail me for details or sign up for the new newsletter.

Here is an example of a photo (I took from my backyard) that has ugly phone lines in the picture. They can easily be removed. This is a good practice image for students learning the clone tool for the first time.
The original photograph. Repaired.
color corrected.
Smudges removed.
Phone lines deleted from the picture.

This is a damaged photo and the various levels of repair including colorization.
The original photograph.
Cracks have been repaired.
Sepia toned, or "antiqued."
The final image.
Cleaned up and colorized.
Of course this last version takes a lot more time than the simple lightning bolt image above.
Contact me for a quote.

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