The Orbit Newsletter will be retiring.

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I think the days of newsletters has passed. Some time in 2011 I'll be phasing out my newsletter.
I'll send out one last issue, not sure when.
It seems people's attention span is too short for long newsletters anymore. Things like twitter and facebook have replaced real content. So be it.
I'll still have my site here, and though I don't use it much I have accounts on flickr and twitter. User name on both is ArtmakersWorlds.
(I wouldn't touch facebook with a hundred foot pole so don't bother looking for me on that.)

Still undecided if Ill keep the list alive or not. If I do, messages will be VERY infrequent and probably limited to brief site updates.
When my last issue goes out, and I decide for good, I'll edit this page again. Meanwhile I'll leave the subscribe link on. If there is interest I may rethink this.

As always, this newsletter is very safe. Addresses are NEVER shared, and unsubscribing is easy. Just hit reply with unsubscribe in there.
(The email you answered with will be the one unsubscribed.)

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