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The Bridge is Love

A collection of short stories.
True life miracles and stories to inspire and uplift the spirit.

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Following is a an excerpt from the Precious Story:

On September 13, after spending three nights at the Vet's office, I took Precious home for the last time in one last ditch of hope against hope that she would start to get better. She was much too tired to take the three-block walk home, but by taking slow, baby steps all the way, we were finally able to make it home to her big yard that she loved so much.

Precious climbed into my (or should I say, her) hammock and promptly prepared to take yet another long nap while I sat in a lawn chair by her side. It was a gorgeous Indian Summer day. With the late afternoon sun streaming through the branches of our splendid, sheltering silver maple tree, we shared a few final hours together. Suddenly Precious raised up from her deep sleep and put both paws on my knees and showered me with doggy kisses. Then she laid back down to resume her nap. But within a few more minutes, she again got up, put her paws on my lap and repeated covering my face with kisses. The whole thing had a magical, timeless quality about it. I remember thinking -- how could this weak, exhausted little dog, who could hardly raise her head, muster enough energy to twice hoist herself up onto my lap and cover me with all those kisses? In retrospect I came to know that she was kissing me goodbye.


Written by;
Judy Mills copyright 2002 all rights reserved.

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