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Welcome to my Sim Skins pages.

I bought this game for my son and have been insanely hooked on it ever since.

As an artist the idea that I could create my own stuff for the game is extremely appealing.

Too bad so many utilities for making sims stuff is PC only. Thanks to Aspyr for making sims mac compatible and for providing Sim Show to create skins. I never get bored with this game!

Disclaimers and other legal stuff. (gotta be here I suppose.)

All my handy work (on the sims pages ONLY) is here for you to download and do with as you please. I do not ask for return links or credit, or need to give permission for you to use, recolor, or even redistribute. (Though it would be nice to hear from you.)

HOWEVER: I have been collecting other peoples downloads long before I had any clue I might be making my own. Unfortunately I did not keep very good records of what came from where. In all cases, (as far as I know,) everything is OK to recolor and redistribute as long as credit is given.

I plan to get a links page up very soon. All my bookmarked sites will be listed. As I figure out who made what I will also post credit where applicable.

Please; If you find something that uses a mesh you created, donít send me angry letters. Just drop me a note with your URL and Iím sure Iíll recognize the site. I will get the proper credit up immediately.

Finally; I am in no way responsible for crashes to your game. Everything I offer here works on my game just fine. (sims and all expantions up to Unleashed.) If something doesnít work, itís likely your missing the mesh. Contact me, I can find the correct file and get it to you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED; Back up your files!!!