Sim skins of all kinds here.

Spock, cave people, native americans and more.

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Welcome to the hodge podge page of skins. This is where I plop skins that don't fit into any theme area.

Some of these are my first attempts so don't pick on the graphics.

Skin tones come in three shades.
Use this key to see what comes with your download.
L= Light M= Medium D= Dark
Indians (Native Americans)
Indian Man head included
M only
Indian Woman in Jingle Dress
Head included.
Indian man #2 head included
M only
Indian boy head included
M only

note: your sim can change clothes any time but once you create one it keeps it's head forever. (lets hope!)

These were my first attempts. I scanned a buckskin shirt I picked up from an indian musium in Wisconsin long ago for the textures on the first two.

Spock! (My first, and so far only attempt at using a photo for the face. He still needs work.
If anyone wants more Star Trek charictors, please help by finding me photos I can use.
Frontal views only.)
L head included.
Midevil Knight
Medevil dress.
M head included.
Knight in armor.
M head included.
Cave Man Cave Woman Cave Kids
M head included.
L head included.
note, I used heads and meshes created and downloaded elsewhere long before I had a clue I might be doing this myself.
If anyone recognizes where these origionated, please contact me so I can give credit where it is due.
Cave Kids
Girl and Boy in all three skin tones included in zip. Uses universal kids mesh. Your game should already have it. Let me know if you have problems.
Hippies! Wide Stripes
Man in Stripes
L, M, D included
L, M, D included. (This is the same outfit. Matches the adults.)
More hip dudes. Fringe vests Steven Sigal
L, M. Head not included. (Sorry, don't remember where I found this.)
L only.
Made specially for "Sistergirl" of The FantaSimTales Posted here with permission.
Steven Sigal
L only. Head and meshes included.
(I did not create the head and cannot find the site I got it to post credit.
If you know who did this,
PLEASE contact me so credit can be given where due.)
Mesh created by Sistergirl of The FantaSimTales