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In my endless battle against the spammer, I have added this one extra stop before finding my actual contact.
Just that one last click, I promise.

Real people, just click that link. The rest of this page I leave up just as a joke.
(Programmers get it.) Read this only if you want a chuckle.

Link exchange requests, be sure you read my rules first.
NO automated request forms will be read!!!

If I get ANYTHING addressed to "webmaster at" or any other such thing, (sure tip off you didn't actually READ anything, your mail will either be deleted, OR REPORTED AS SPAM!
My name is NOT hard to find on this site. First back up and go READ my link exchange rules, then FIND MY NAME here!

Hey you spammers!

I am NOT going to read your junk!

I do NOT need or want to look at ANY site to "enhance my anything."

I do NOT buy drugs from ANY website!!!!
(Especially since most come from Canada or China or some other such place. Probably laced with lead!)

I did NOT win any damn stupid lottery!!!!!
And if I did, you are more than welcome to put forth my prize payment through pay pal.
Click the link above to find my address, then send payment through pay pal.
You will NOT need my name, occupation, phone, address, bank account numbers, SS number, shoe size or anything else!!!

I am NOT "your friend." If I were, you would KNOW MY NAME! So please don't bother telling me about some huge fund you suddenly have and want to give to me!
God is anyone stupid enough to fall for that one??? Apparently! But not me!

"A family member" did NOT send me a greeting card.
ALL of those will have the "family members" NAME! AND all will have MY NAME! Yea, spam!

NO BANK or any other financial institution of any kind will EVER EVER EVER ask for anyone to "update their anything" via email!
YOUR SPAM will not only go through spamcop, but I will make a point of also sending copies to what ever institution your abusing, and directly to your ISP, AND what ever local government agency is in charge of finding phishing identity theft criminals LIKE YOU!!!

If it were up to me, I would love to personally grab each and every spammer by what ever sex organs they have (enhanced or not) and HANG THEM FROM THE HIGHEST TREE ON A MEAT HOOK!!!!!!!
I am NOT the person you want to be sending your garbage to!!!!

And spammers!!!!! BE WARNED.
You know who you are.

So DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!

As I said at the top of this page, my little rant here is left up just for amusement.
Thing is, actual spammers use automated bots to locate email addresses and human eyes never see all this. Which is why you will not be able to just click mine. You will need to type it. Sorry about that, I know it's a pain. But it seems to work.

Another way spammers collect addresses is any time you go and forward some joke or other silly thing to your entire mailing list. Sooner or later, probably someone with a worm already in their computer, a spammer will get that along with all the email addresses that went for the ride.
It's a real good idea to use the BCC field any time you send mass mailings. Keeps everyone you love safe.
At least until the next person forwards some junk to the world. (It's never ending.)

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