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Career path pages

Science Entertainment Politics Xtream Pro Athlete
Law Enforcement Life of Crime Business Medical Military
Slacker LL Hacker LL Paranormal LL Music LL Journalism LL Fashion UL
Education UL Animal Care UL Culinary UL Circus UL

Links will be connected as pages are created.
NOTE: I do not have Superstar. (It takes forever for the mac version to come out.)
so no Superstar career paths will be here... yet.

NOTE: Codes for verious expantion packs. You may see these on other sites too.
LL=Livin Large HP=House Party HD=Hot Date V=Vacation UL=unleashed SS=SuperStar.

The career pages contain sims skins designed to fit the particular career path of each sim.
These will NOT replace the "go to work" outfits your game uses automatically.
You have to have your sim change clothes.

Simply supply your sims with a dresser and have them change clothes when you like.
You can do this every time they advance in job level. or just for the heck of it.

NOTE: Heads are picked when you create a new sim and cannot be changed during play. Keep that in mind if you use a head designed with a particular theme.

Please do not write to me complaining that some outfits arenít right. That a uniform isnít correct or any such thing. Itís just a game folks.
If I create something that sorta kinda fits a career path I post it there.
Some careers offer more room for variety than others. So... some may end up with more downloads. (eventually.)
Some outfits may even apply to several paths such as a business suit.

As an extra bonus, each career page will have a chart showing the advancement levels, rate of pay, and hours of that career path.