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NOTE: I do not have Superstar. (It takes forever for the mac version to come out.)
so no Superstar career paths will be here... yet.

NOTE: Codes for verious expantion packs. You may see these on other sites too.
LL=Livin Large HP=House Party HD=Hot Date V=Vacation UL=unleashed SS=SuperStar.

Playground Monitor$1207am-1pm
Substitute Teacher$1807am-1pm
Kindergarten Teacher$1907am-1pm
Junior High School Teacher$2108am-3pm
High School Teacher$2908am-3pm
Assistant Professor$4909am-6pm
Tenured Professor$6009am-5pm
College Dean$7009am-3pm
Minister of Education$90010am-5pm

Skin tones come in three shades.
Use this key to see what comes with your download.
L= Light M= Medium D= Dark
Teacher or real bad principal?
L, M, D
I've had a few like this myself.