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NOTE: I do not have Superstar. (It takes forever for the mac version to come out.)
so no Superstar career paths will be here... yet.

NOTE: Codes for verious expantion packs. You may see these on other sites too.
LL=Livin Large HP=House Party HD=Hot Date V=Vacation UL=unleashed SS=SuperStar.

Con Artist$3509am-3pm
Getaway Driver$4255pm-1am
Bank Robber$5303pm-11pm
Cat Burglar$6409pm-3am
Criminal Mastermind$1,1006pm-12am

Skin tones come in three shades.
Use this key to see what comes with your download.
L= Light M= Medium D= Dark
Well I got a bit lazy with these. All started from skins already in the game as work clothes. I altered them just a bit. Note the bandanas? And though it doesnt' show here very well, their pants have fringe on the sides.

The cat woman outfit is also slightly altered. Gave her studs on her pants and a whole lot of gold.
(She is a thief after all.)

And I found the strip jail outfit in my game (though so far it never came up in play.) It's also altered slightly and made into a buyable PJ. Meshes included in the zip.

Casual Criminal
L, M, D
Casual Criminal
L, M, D
Fathers Child
L, M, D
Cat Woman
L, M, D
Buyable PJs
I don't really like the childs feet here but after fooling with several meshes, I gave up. So he looks like he has footsies. oh well. I included the mesh in the zip though you probably already have it in your game.
L, M, D