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What is an Emerging Artist, and why buy from one?
How to order.
Shipping charges.
Commission work.
How you can earn $ working for me.

Why buy from an emerging artist?

First, what exactly IS an "emerging artist?" Well, there are four categories.
Established and

Student; I feel that all artists are constantly learning but the definition of "student" is someone taking classes and has never sold their artwork, earned awards for it, or entered and been accepted at an art show. Student artists can range from gifted to those still learning which end of the brush to hold. Student works are therefore not worth much money. In fact, a student would be lucky to get what the materials cost should they actually sell a piece.

An Emerging artist; is defined as someone who got into a few competitions, may have won awards, perhaps sold a piece or two but is not widely known.
I certainly fit that category. I have won awards and been accepted in several local jurried shows but I am not widely known
so... the price for an emerging artist piece is still very affordable. That doesn't mean the artwork is in any way substandard, it just means that the artist name isn't one worth investing in. (yet!)
That being said, buy artwork because you like it and not for it's investment value. On the other hand, I may well become "established" in time and your piece could very well become valuable.

An Established artist; is an artist who now has a clientele. Perhaps has gallery support and is somewhat in demand.
Now the price for the artwork goes up by leaps and bounds. Buying from an established artist can also be considered an investment since as the artist grows in popularity the value of the art goes up as well.

Master; is an artist who IS widely known. Picasso would be a good example of a master. Needless to say, even while Picasso was still alive, his works were extremely expensive to actually buy and since his death they are almost priceless.

How to order.

For now, there are only two options.

1. Order directly from me. Start by sending me an e-mail telling me what you are interested in and where the work would have to be shipped to. A zip code would be fine. We need to agree on shipping charges where applicable (read about shipping.) Once a price is set, I will mail you a signed contract stating the agreed upon price which you need to also sign and return. Once I receive the signed contract and payment in full, I will ship the art out. (Sorry, but these are like my children and I can't risk sending them off on the promise of payment.) I will allow a ten day period for you to decide if you want to keep your piece. (I know the on line images are different than seeing the actual piece.) I am confidant that once you see the actual piece you will be happy but if you decide you don't really want it, send it back for a full refund no questions asked.

2. I don't blame anyone for feeling unsure about the above method.
There are several art sites out there in which I can list a piece for sale and you could buy from them. Such sites can often accept credit cards, and will act as a liaison protecting both me, the seller, and you, the buyer.
Again, e-mail me with your interests and I would be happy to go this route.
NOTE: If there is a commission charged by the site, that will be added to the price of the piece. It is usually very small.

Shipping info;

Most of the paintings on this site are marked "shipping not included." I have found that the actual cost for shipping isn't that high and I would be will willing to absorb the shipping charge as the cost of doing business. However, the shipping materials, the box or crate, and packing materials can really be expensive. Since my artwork is sold for as little as possible to begin with, in some cases it could cost as much to ship it as I am charging for the piece. I simply can't absorb that. Again, we would need to agree on a price. When I can give an accurate estimate on shipping that would become part of the price.

Rebate: If you would be willing to send back the shipping container and packing materials, (which I could use again) I will refund that portion of the shipping cost.

Commission work.

I am a free-lance artist. I can do paintings on request be it a certain size, color combination or subject matter.
I also do quite a bit of computer related work. Look at the Graphics pages for some samples from some of my happy customers.
e-mail me with any questions.

Want to earn some bucks?

Work for me. Chances are you don't live close to me but you DO have art galleries where you are. I can send you samples of my work and you be my legs and sell for me. Any piece you sell yourself will earn you 30% commission. Even better, should you find a gallery willing to carry my work on a regular basis, I will send you a commission on everything they sell for a given period of time.* Even if the gallery starts doing business directly with me I will continue to send you your commission*. That's right. It's like getting royalties just for finding me a a customer. Such a deal!

*The amount and length of time this applies will be determined by how much of a percentage the gallery takes and how many pieces they actually sell.

Jenny Mehlenbeck is creator and owner of
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