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Welcome to the color pencil page.

Attending a class or demonstration is always a great way to learn new techniques or try out a different medium.
I attended a color pencil class in 1999 at the Dowagiac MI Art guild. There I got the chance to play with many different brands of pencils. I really like the Prisma color pencils and have been doing these flower images ever since.

I use photographs for reference, most of which I shot right in my backyard. Pencils are a nice diversion from painting and I can just work a little while and stop any time. I don't have to worry about paint colors I've mixed drying out, or have to wait while layers dry before I can continue. I really like the detail that can be achieved with pencils. This is definitely something I will continue to do.

Dowagiac Art Challange
8 x 10

12.5 x 10"
Water Lily with geometric window reflection.
Columbine. A bugs eye view.
Wild Iris
6 x 8

Black Iris
10 x 13
5 x 7
13 x 10
Orange Eyes
5 x 7

Lilly Pond #1
8 x 10 (approx)

Lilly Pond #2
12 x 14

Lilly Pond #3
14 x 12


The above Dogwood images and several more can be found for sale on my
Zazzle store

Christmas Cardinal
10 x 13

All of these images are original drawings on bristol board.

Sizes listed here are for artwork area only. Most of the images on this page are currently matted and framed. Ready to hang! If your interested in anything here please contact me for details.

If you would like it without I CAN remove the frame and ship the artwork with only it's matt. This will also help cut down on shipping charges. Again all you need to do is ask.

Sometimes I do sell computer prints of these pieces.
Don't cringe. I print on canvas and turn up the saturation which helps fully coat the canvas.
They REALLY turn out nice. I've had people comment on the nice "painting" they got. Not a painting, just a print but a surprisingly nice one.

All these images are available that way. And all have been resized and cropped to fit in any standard 8x10 frame. Contact me for details.


Jenny Mehlenbeck is creator and owner of
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