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Photoshop tutorials

The Bridge is Love
A book of short stories.

Artmakers Worlds makes skins for
The Sims

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Art Supplies and Services.

Shop Online at Dick Blick Art Materials
Art Supplies by Utrecht Art.

Easels by Utrecht Art.

NEW craft supplies by Utrecht Art.

Utrecht happens to have a store in Chicago and I am lucky enough to get there several times a year. Utrecht makes their own brand of paint and mediums. I use their acrylic supplies almost exclusively. They are very inexpencive and the quality is pretty darn good.
Photo to Canvas
We make canvas prints from people\'s photographs, and also other stuff like books and cushions.
Frames For Life
We offer the lowest prices on top quality custom picture frames.
Art Boards
Art Boards
Cartoon Coloring Pages - Free cartoon coloring pages and cartoon coloring books are available at

Artists Community sites.

The following are all great sites for either displaying your art or just to get information.

Point of interest: The larger ads here mean one of two possible things. Either the site participates in banner exchanges, (something you might want to look into for your own site,) or I just think this is a particularly dandy site. Well, actually I think all these sites are good or they wouldn't be here. Don't forget where to find this list of artists links. Bookmark this page.

If you are an artist and have your own gallery type site, post a link on the Artists Links Page. (A return link is required.)
Free auction records. Price database for art.
Click here: art signatures & monograms
Chinese Brush Paintings
Large selection of traditional Chinese paintings plus lots of related information - symbolic meanings of the themes in the paintings, taoism, feng shui and much more. The Gallery of China exhibition is one of the largest of its kind on the internet. A very beautiful, must-see website.


Reviewpainting Oil Paintings
Painting is the practice of applying pigment suspended in a carrier and a binding agent to a surface such as paper, canvas or a wall. This is done by a painter; this term is used especially if this is his or her profession.
Visit their links page for more great art related sites.

Education and Art Therapy

Resourses for art education.
How to Draw: Online Course
Learn how to draw and sketch using various drawing tools and techniques
Visit their links page for more great art related sites.
The Benefits of Art Therapy for Cancer Patients
Art therapy is particularly useful for expressing emotions that are tough to verbalize. The creative process can be a healing process, especially when led by a trained and professional art therapist.

Web Hosting services

Great web hosting services.
First, the one THIS site is hosted on. The BEST hosting service I ever found!
Local Art groups.
Art associations, clubs and other resources located in or near Southwest Lower Michigan.
Dowagiac Dogwood Fine Arts

Some of my favorites here.

Learn about internet and other scams. GOOD ONE!

Scam Busters

Just because I'm a space nut.

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