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Before you join, you absolutely MUST READ my guidelines!

Failior to READ and follow directions only wastes your time AND MINE!
I will NOT track down and explain anything to anyone who didnt' READ this page!
You will simply be deleted.

If your new to webrings it can be confusing. I am more than willing to help anyone. But please read first, then ask me if you still need help.

Ready? Grab a cup and please read though.

What is a webring?

How do I join?

What are the site requirements?

What exactly is a webring fragment?

Webring Fragment Guidlines. Where do I put that fragment?
VERY IMPORTANT!!! Even if you already think you know this stuff!

What exactly is a webring?
A webring is a list of web sites who all share something in common. Webrings are a great way to find lots of sites of a particular catagory and are also a great way to increace exposure to your own site.
Webring members must paste a "fragment" on their site which links that page with the rest of the ring. Anyone from any site in a webring can find your site through each fragment out there.
How do I join?
Your doing the first step right now by reading this page.

Once you understand my rules, (and all rings may have different rules,) the rest is simple.

Read! Then hit submit. Your fragment is e-mailed to you automatically.

Paste that onto the page you submitted then contact me, your "webmaster" to let me know your ready.

Your site is not part of the ring, (meaning no one can find you using a ring fragment,) until I move you from the waiting list, or queue, into the active ring.
Failing to contact your ringmaster when your ready only delays your entry.
(I will find you eventually on my own.)

What are the site requirements?
My "requirements" are simple.

This is an ARTISTS webring. Visual artists of all kinds are welcome here. Masters and emerging artists alike. Painters, crafters, sculptors and photographers. Even a site full of your child's drawings would be welcome as long as the site is about the art.

I hate to sound repetitive but... I actually had a brain surgeon, and one time a psychic try to join.
ha ha ha... Please people, READ. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to do that much.

Community artists sites, (meaning your art is located on a site with many other artists pages,) are NOT allowed. Contact me first if your not sure.

Sites packed full of ads are NOT allowed. (I do realize ads are a part of the internet but if I can't tell your "art site" from a classifieds bill board you will not be let in.)

I am not looking for art directory sites either. Visit my links pages for a link exchange instead.

Web building skills are not an issue with me. As long as I can find the art on your site I am not a site critic. However; Broken links or pages leading to that dreaded "under construction" everywhere are a sure way to be deleted.

Flash laden sites, sites so packed with java scripts, frames, php, background music and other non art related garbage will most certainly crash my poor 3 year old system. I cannot let you in if I cannot see your site.
(Chances are, lots of people are not seeing your site either.)

What exactly is a webring fragment?
A webring fragment is the piece of HTML code that will be automatically e-mailed to you when you join.

You MUST paste that fragment on the EXACT URL you submitted when you filled out your join form.
NOTE: Some ring masters require your fragment to be on your main, or index page. I do not. It MUST be linked to the rest of your site though.

If you need help with this part contact me. I am always happy to help out my fellow artists.

NOTE: My ring runs an automatic test to check your fragments. If you fail, your automatically moved to an inactive list. (You should be e-mailed.) Don't panic, just drop me a note. We'll work this out.

I know that pages change, hosting services change. You may even decide your webrings should be moved to a differant location in your site.


You MUST contact ringmasters any time that page URL changes. This applies to ALL webrings. Not just mine. I can easilly make changes for you. Just ask.

Webring Fragment Guidlines.
Where do I put that fragment?
UPDATED NEWS as of Sept. 2003

This is by far THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of being in any webring. It's also the most often over looked.

I am using a new ring service now. The fragment, ONE fragment will contain ALL my members. It is much faster and eliminates all the slow loading problems of other rings.
However; IF you are a member of many rings each with their own fragments, please read ALL these instructions. It's for your own benifit.

Webring fragments are inherently slow to load. Each one must call up images and links within each fragment. It's also highly unlikely anyone's webring fragment will match the color scheme, look and feel of your particular site.

Some webrings require you to paste fragments right on your index or main page. Personally I would never join such a ring. Your index page is far too important to you to become a billboard.

The best way to join multiple rings, (not including webring rings who all share one fragment,) is to create a seperate page for each ring. Be sure your link to YOUR site is clearly ON TOP of each page. Then be sure you have a link to all your webring pages somewhere on the rest of your site. Don't make them a one way door. That will most certainly get you booted from any webring.

Finally, (I have to say this,) the decision of who joins is up to me alone. I will certainly let you know why, should your site be rejected. Please read through ALL the rules first so we don't end up wasting each others time.

Phew! Ya made it!

Ready? JOIN.

Note to my members who joined prior to Sept 2003.
Ringsurf, the site formerly hosting my ring, is not sending out the automated e-mails it should.
I have closed it to new members. (Currant members are still active.)

Webring is my new service. I think they will prove to be much better.

Finally, ALL my members are welcome to submit an image for my
Samples pages.
Your image will link to the page on your site where your ring fragment is located.
I do this as a free service to my members.
EVERY fragment on my ring has a link to the samples pages.

AND! Your site gets listed in the next newsletter.
I will send out a personal e-mail after you join with instructions.

Jenny Mehlenbeck is creator and owner of
Artmakers Worlds 1999 - now All rights reserved.