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Welcome to the Photography Introduction Page.

To speed up the load time I've split up my photography section into two parts.
Photo Retouching and Repair Service and FREE Photo scanning.
My own Photos

Photo Retouching and Repair Service

Repairing damaged photos.
Simple colorizing, such as sepia toning.
More complex colorizing. Digital airbrushing. Be sure to see the example page.
Color correction. Ever get back a print that is under or over exposed? As long as there is something there to work with, bad images can be saved. Let me give it a try.
Just for fun, image collage. Put yourself in any setting. Put your kids on Of course if you have a simple case of red eye, I can fix that easily enough but so can Wal Mart and they will probably be cheaper. However, for any of the things listed above my rates will be much lower than any photography studio.

Results guaranteed or no charge.

OH and yes, you could do this yourself. Just get a good computer with lots of extra memory, a reasonably good quality scanner and printer, archival ink so your prints last, Photoshop 6, (about $600.00 just for the software,) and then spend at least 20 hours (probably more) learning the basics of Photoshop.

Or hire me.

My own Photos

I do take some pretty good pictures from time to time but most of them are just shots of my family, or of the garden, or just reference shots for future painting ideas and not really worthy of the title "art." I'm not going to clutter up this site with that since there is no shortage of really good photography sites out there.

I do have a collection of sky shots I think are unusual enough, and "out worldly" enough to merit being here.

One of my favorite pastimes is to take the dog for long walks in the woods, usually late at night. I enjoy solitude and not many people are nuts enough to sit in the woods at night. Fortunately I live far enough from big city lights to get some good shots of the stars. I just set the camera on a tripod, sit back and listen to the Blues on the radio and let the picture take itself.

I do have some artistic shots I took while taking photography class. I'll post some of them as time allows.

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