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With permission of my clients, I'll post samples.

I have done many more than what you see here, but either my client asked to not post their private images, or like a nit wit I didn't save the work. (oops.)
But here are some good samples I do have. Just to show what can be done.
Please to NOT take images off this (or any) page on my site as these images are all privately owned. Thanks.
Contact me for a quote or if you have any questions.

This is a 50 year old photograph and was in really horrible shape.

I started by removing the yellowing scotch tape from the image side. (Never do that!) I did retape the photo on the back only. And with a high res scan, started the long slow process of removing all the cracks and creatively replacing missing information.

I suggested a more attractive bit of text than the original photo had, and decided to add a slight sepia tone to make this image a little warmer. The scan also came out very dark and printed even darker so some lightening was needed. Several versions were put on CD for the client. Papers and printers all effect final output. I always try and make sure you will have versions that work with your choice of paper and with your equipment. For this image, I also made prints and mailed those directly.

And here is the finished photo.

Here is a really badly faded photo. Probably caused from hanging it where sun can get at it. Death to photography!

I was asked if this could be saved, and yes, if there is information, ie colors, shapes, it can usually be helped quite a bit.
She also wanted the focus to be on her relatives, and not on the people in the background.

And here is the finished photo.

The orange faded color has been removed, image sharpened and intensified, recolored, and to help show off only the subjects, I removed the crowd behind them and gave the whole background area a slight blur making the subjects "pop" into view as they should.

Note; this photo was also cropped to remove all the icky stuff around the edge before sending. My client only wanted a portrait, not the stuff behind so it was cropped pretty close to the subjects.
This one was done long ago, I didn't keep the final cropped version.

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