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What is a "Betwixt" gallery you say?

Most artists pretty much stick with one particular subject matter or style of painting and build up a body of work. I think I would go nuts if I only painted one subject one way and never did anything else. As an emerging artist this presents a problem. People ask me "what kind of art do you do?" How do I answer that when I like to try all kinds of things and often times I only have one of each?

When I finish a good piece I like to experiment with something challenging. Sometimes I get a pleasant surprise and my experiment turns out something wonderful. Then there are those pesky other times. After a not so good attempt at something, it's nice to go do something I know how to do well. Hence the Sea and Space paintings which I never tire of doing and now I finally enough of each to put together a "theme."

The only theme in this gallery, is everything not sea or space. You'll just have to look around for yourself.

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Changing Styles
So What IS Real?
Ready for Romance
Self Portrait, Monet style

In the Private collection of V. Reynolds

what is real? photo realism, romance self portrait, impressionistic

Tribute to a beloved pet.
"J" Bell

In the Private collection of V. Reynolds

pet portrait

Iron Horse
Spirit of the Racehorse
Iron Horse racehorses

In the Woods at Night
Four Trees Reach for the Moon Sky
Night landscape, four trees sky

Skyline and Landscape
Chicago Landscape study (Bearstadt)


landscape study

Experiments with texture.
Prismatic Fall Leaves Tracks in the Snow
abstract prismatic
fall leaves tracks in the snow

Acrylic techniques.
Learning to paint? Beginners look here.
Anticipation, Gratification, Expiration.
acrylic techniques

artmaker sworlds
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So What IS Real? Ready For Romance Impressionistic self portrait Pet Portrait Iron Horse watercolor Race Horses impressionistic Chicago landscape, four trees landscape sky abstract prismatic fall leaves tracks in snow landscape, bearstadt acrylic technique studies

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