Self Portrait Monet Style

This was a class assignment. In my opinion one of the best assignments my teacher gave was to "paint in the style of a famous painter." No art appreciation class can teach as much about how an artist works by just reading about it. Actually paint in the style another artist uses. Now that is a learning experience.

If you looked at the previous painting, Ready for Romance, you will see a class assignment done in the photo realistic style of Audry Flack. Well talk about a total flip in painting styles. The very next assignment was similar in that we were to paint in the style of a master only do some form of self portrait in that style.

So without hesitation I want from ultra photo realistic to impressionistic Monet.

I often take my dog for long walks in the woods. This happens to be one of my favorite places. (Several paintings in this gallery and even some photography were inspired by or done in this very woods.)

Well I certainly learned a lot. Unfortunately I learned a lesson about Monet the hard way. Halfway into this painting, hard at work with all the green pine trees my teacher came along and said, "that's great only Monet never put green on his pallet. Think in terms of orange and blue." Orange and blue? Nuts! Totally distraught now I just packed up and went for a hike in the wooded trails surrounding the campus. Now this is weird. Perhaps Monet's spirit was following me but I swear I started seeing shadows and sunlit patches in shades of orange and blue. I reworked the painting covering up much of the green and it really came to life. There is still way too much green in there. Not exactly what Monet would have approved of but not too bad for a beginner. I wonder if Monet was in the room with me grinning.

I like trying to paint as an impressionist from time to time. This is definitely something I'll do again.

impressionistic self portrait Self Portrait Monet Style
Acrylic on canvasboard.
33" x 50"
In the private collection of V. Reynolds

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