Jingle Bell

J Bell, (short for Jingle Bell) was a little white kitten I bought for my mother for Christmas way back in the 70s.

Now if you ever had a cat you will know that they all have very unique personalities. Every so often, fairly rarely for cats, you get one that is truly special. J Bell was one such cat.

Ms Bell could tell when my mom wasn't happy and would jump up on her chest and pat her cheek. Ms Bell was a very good mommy cat forever gathering up yarn balls and taking care of them. We had another cat, a male who was also very special and unfortunately not neutered. The two had kittens and sure enough J Bell was a very attentive mother cat.

Ms Bell lived a very long life for a cat. Some 16 or so years and she just got too old to carry on any longer.

My mom was very very sad at the loss of her friend and planted a white rose in the back yard to remember her by. I did this portrait with white roses in the background just for her.

Good by little J Bell.

pet portrait "J" Bell
Watercolor and conte pencil on paper.
In the private collection of V. Reynolds

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