Tracks in the Snow

More acrylic textures here. For this experimental painting I literally poured on the thick gesso then had the brilliant idea to roll an old tire over it and leave a "track" in the surface. Well, uh, not such a good idea I found out. Instead of a track print like one in the mud I had what looked like a blob of cake batter. If I let the gesso set up a bit first, it wouldn't take any impression at all. So... the tracks were all made with my fingers. All but the leaves which are actual leaves pressed into the gesso. Guess that makes this one a mixed media piece huh? There is clear glaze over the deep impressions which effectively look like ice. I don't think this little experiment came out too bad. Not quite what I expected though. I'll probably attempt something similar again. No tire rolling though.
tracks in the snow Tracks in the Snow
Acrylic on canvasboard.
Origional art. This site only.

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