So What IS Real?

Here is a good example of an experimental painting. This painting is of an artists canvas breaking up. The "reality" in the background is also breaking up. In fact the artists hand is breaking up.

The fun part about this painting was actually stretching the canvas in the shape of breaking glass. Even the frame is fractured. This painting really needs to be hung on a wall with big cracks in it.

Besides the strange subject matter, the style of painting is not typical of what I do. The "reality" part is sort of stylistic and blended while the "painting" portion is done in sort of an impressionistic style. The painting did get a bit busy, a habit I am trying to break but it is certainly unique and was accepted into the Kalamazoo Jurried art competition.

experimental impressionistic So What IS Real?
Acrylic on canvas.
36" x 30"
Not for Sale

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