Spirit of the Racehorse

OK there's a story for this one.

While on the way home from school one day, I saw this horse shape in the clouds. Mind you, I'm not one to look for shapes in the clouds. Never did that even as a kid but this was incredible. It was like a photograph. I immediately pulled over and sketched what I saw. I was so excited when I got home my husband thought I was breathing car exhaust or had some wacky weed or something. I consider this sight truly "inspirational." Who is to question where such inspiration comes from. Sure it might just be weird coincidence, or was it? I just had to work it into a painting. It's been accepted in an equestrian art show at the Lone Star Park horse track in Texas.

spirit of the racehorse Spirit of the Racehorse
Watercolor on paper.
Origional art. This site only.

Some really nice computer prints are available.
On photo paper, $12.00

On Canvas, $15.00

No charge for shipping in the US.

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