Everything is Relative

This is a painting of firsts for me.
I was only a first year painting student. I had the idea of painting my hand painting the painting. This was the first of several such pieces with my hand reaching in. Someday I'll understand why this is a repeating theme. This was also the first space painting I ever did and I knew then that I would be doing many more. I learned how to glaze with acrylics to get that deep black of space. A very effective technique. This was the first piece to be entered in a jurried art competition and the first time I was accepted.

This one painting was the inspiration for my company name. "Artmakers Worlds." The hand and moon have since evolved into my company logo.
Click here to see that.

I finally have prints available. Everything from small framed to almost life size on canvas. ArtmakersWorlds.imagekind.com

Everything is Relative
Acrylic on canvas. Oil paints are used as well.
30 x 36"
Everything is Relative
Sorry, the original is not for sale. BUT!!! This design and many more are now available in my
Zazzle store.

I have started doing some crafts using polymer clay. After reading a wonderful tutorial on "painting with clay"
I had to try.
This is my first attempt.

This piece measures 5x7 inches and is entirely made up of polymer clay. No paints at all. Just clay.

sorry but it's not for sale. I will be doing more though.

See more of my clay art, jewelry, eggs, and soon, more clay paintings on my etsy shop. ArtmakersWorlds.etsy.com

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