Wierd World of the Unisat

OK, so this one really is a bit wierd. I was still taking begining painting classes. I just had great sucess with the first space painting Everything is Relative and thought I'd do it again. This time, I'd use a subject I drew often as a kid. Horses. Horses with wings, Unicorns, Bat winged horses, evil and good horses fighting. Horses with hornes and, well, I guess you can see I did a lot of them.

In case your wondering, a Unisat is a cross between a one horned horse, a Unicorn, and a winged horse with bat wings. If it had the feathered wings usually seen on images of Pegisus, and had the Unicorn horn, this would be a Unisis. But the bat wings makes it a Unisat.

So, that's my wierd horse thing, now what setting to place him in? This is what my teacher called "a little schizophrenic."
Gee, I'll put him on a world with a big blue moon. Yea. Then I'll have a red river of lava lighting up the clouds. Yea. Then I'll make the ground look like these strainge cigerette shaped things. Yea. Then I'll add an asteroid belt. Oh yea, don't forget the purple crystal things everywhere.
Eeee gads what WAS I thinking????

Much to my surprize, this painting actually won in the student art show that year though I was told later that the judge only liked the asteroids and literally covered up the rest. OK, I can take a hint. Never do everything you can do on one painting. The next one, would be JUST asteroids. Much more peaceful to say the least.

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World of the Unisat Wierd World of the Unisat
Acrylic on canvas.
30 x 40"
So you like this one? If you want to own the origional make a reasonable offer. Contact me.

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