Where Icy Rocks Dance

To understand why I painted this you have to read about The Wierd World of the Unisat painting. It won an award only because of the asteroids in the painting. This time I'd do only the asteroids and paint them using a new technique. Texturizing.

This was one of my first sucessful paintings using this technique of painting a smooth surface in the background and using thick gesso to build up texture for the forground objects.
It took best of show at the Dowagiac art show that summer.

This painting is incredibly 3D. There are several ways to make forground objects look "closer." Texture is only one of them. Blues recede and browns come forward. The asteroids have a lot of browns in them. Glazing is another trick of the trade. Though this is an acrylic painting, I often glaze the finished painting with transparant oil glazes. The planet in the background is glazed this way which makes it look even further from the asteroid in the forground.

I only wish the computer could show this off better. Digital reproductions just don't quite do it here.

Where Icy Rocks Dance Where Icy Rocks Dance
Acrylic on canvas. (Oil glazed.)
26 x 28"
This site only, (I'm running out of wall space.)

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