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Business Cards and Letterhead

Please read this before asking me to design your products;

I'm not asked to design business cards or letterhead very often, of course I design my own business cards, and did one here for a friend of mine. Only once I was asked to design for a client. That was years ago and about the time I actually put this page on line with the dreaded "coming soon" thing on here thinking there would be freelance work out there. Then this page sat unfinished for a long time.

There is simply no money in this;
Computer programs are readily available. Card stock often comes with a cd full of templates, are cheap and can be found just about anyplace allowing you to print your own cards and letterhead among other things right off your own printer.

Further, there are on line services now that do this for prices I cannot compete with. Vistaprint to name just one. I've ordered from them myself and they have nice stuff.

So why use me? Well all the above, may come with ready made templates, or pre designed cards and all you do is plug in your text. Not very personalized. If you have a logo, or want an image of yours included in the finished product, you need to know how to do that. Not everyone does. Vistaprint allows you to upload your own graphic, but that means you need to know how to generate your own graphic. If you don't have the software, or the know how, then there is me. If it's just a matter of e-mailing me a few images, some instructions, and text, I can put together a nice card or just about anything, for very little.

Finally, if your really want a professional product, made at an honest to goodness printer (who will use much nicer card stock and can even use puff inks for a raised surface.) Well then you will need to either have print ready artwork, or pay their in house artist to design for you. And THOSE are expensive! I can certainly save you money there. I can work directly with your printer, find out what file types, format, specks etc. they need, and supply them with print ready graphics. I can do that. It's what I paid big bucks to go to college for. Most in house artists START at upwards of $70.00 an HOUR. I'd be less than half
(And if any print companies happen across this page, I'd LOVE to get hired! Hint.)

So what I am offering here are the designs personalized to your needs. E-mailed either directly to you, or your printer as needed.

Even if you plan to print off your own computer, you may want a card with graphics you don't have the ability to do. I can do that for you and e-mail you an image that will fit on most standard card stock.

So here are a very few samples, and I doubt this page will be updated again.

Contact me with any questions.

One of the many business cards I've designed for my personal use.

And another one I did using my same logo graphic edited to go with the theme of my first solo art show which was all about aquatic paintings.

This business card was done for a lady I met at the Dowagiac Art Guild.
She does the most unique fabric art.
She finds fabric with a printed image, and manages to stuff and raise parts of the image, giving it a very 3D look. Then she embelishes it with anything from glitter, to gems, even one she did of an Indian where she used indian head pennies all around.
(My favorite.)

I took a photo of one of her pieces, and used elements of it around the border. She loved it!

This job was (so far,) the only job I was approached to do.
This client wanted matching business cards and letterhead, and a few versions with different peoples contacts.
This is actually an early draft,
(I must have deleted the final version. It was a long time ago.)
The final product had darker blues, and would be printed out on beige stock.
Much classier look. That's the only difference from this sample. The design elements are the same.

This client also already had the logo critter here, but the only graphic he had to give me was so bad I had to redraw that.
Now there comes some time on my part. It's no longer a matter of simply inserting their graphic.
I took their awful bitmap graphic and redrew it using a vector program. (Freehand.)
Now that it's redrawn, it's a very simple matter to change colors, change size, what ever. In fact I remember trying it out in purple and a few other colors. Once in vector format, that is a simple matter of a few mouse clicks.
This vector graphic can now be used on something as small as a business card, or blown up to billboard size if needed. Totally resizable with no loss of sharpness.
I'd strongly suggest doing that when ever possible. (If the graphic element lends itself to vector art. Photos don't work like this.)
You may have to pay for some time, but only once. Your graphic is yours and can be used on anything and everything.

Finally, this is just an example of "print ready art."
Some printers may need "color separations.
All that means, is every color in your image, gets printed as a separate black on white graphic.
The printer can use any color specified, and there are color charts used to make sure the color you pick, will be the same ink they use.
Those funny circle things, or registration marks, allow the printer to line up each element with the others.
I can supply your printer with exactly what they need. (And not all use separations, some just want a plain old graphic.)
This is what I went to college for. Fascinating isn't it?