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Below are several samples of jobs I've done for various web pages or on line publications.

Reefers Dive Shop, website logo
See where this image is located, Reefers Dive Shop

Animated logo
This was a commission job for a supplement website.
The site is no longer on line.

Both these two jobs were bids I made using one of many sites where freelance artists can find work and individuals or companies can find artists willing to take on extra work.

The first image here is a prime example of how I like to bid when possible. IF the image is simple enough.

This guy posted an image of this bull from the waist up and asked for a full body version. I have to laugh when I think of this. All sorts of artists bid and would list all the whoop dee doo programs they are all "experts" using. I took his sample, DID the work in Photoshop, slapped a sample over it and posted "this didn't take long, $20.00 and it's yours." As you can see I landed the job. He asked for several revisions, I ended up with more than double what I asked for and a promise of more work to come.

Unfortunately this guy did have me do LOTS of jobs only I was way too trusting. I didn't expect payment until AFTER I did the work. He vanished, I never did get paid for anything other than what you see, and I no longer can be so trusting. Deposits are expected now. Sorry.

moovers logo
"Tree of Life" as per posted requests.

I'm often willing to invest some time in any project I really think I could do well. Instructions were posted as to what is needed. This was a simple little graphic so I went ahead and did one. In this case I was not the one picked for the job. Such is life.

graphic sample

These are all images I have been commissioned to do for an on line medical/science magazine the HMS Beagle.
Their publication went out in this shade of yellow, so the graphics are designed to sit on that color. I left the background color here to best show off how they actually looked.
Sometimes I get very specific directions for what image the art director is looking for. Other times the directions are, well, a little weird to say the least. Here is an example of one of the weirder ones, and the interpretation I came up with. I was told the writer I illustrated this for was very pleased. Greetings Jenny...

This is a poem about heart transplants. I'd like this to be in soft, muted colors, a earthy, pastel feel to it, old world, with a nod to turn-of-the-century cotton pickers, though perhaps it'd be best if the pickers are of indeterminable origins: A human heart growing as a flower, on a stem, hand reaching to harvest the heart. The edge of the harvester's bag shows that it is loaded with human hearts. In the distance the abstract forms of other pickers are hunched at their work among rows of plants. The foreground shows a cutaway of the earth, the root of the plant is also a human heart. Include the other heart-roots from the rows if feasible.

Beagle illustration <BR>Heart Transplants
Global Warming Lab Equipment on line Dangerous Radiation Prions - Mad Cow Disease
Beagle illustration <BR>Global warming Beagle illustration <BR>Lab Equipment on line Beagle illustration <BR>Micro Waves Beagle illustration <BR>Mad Cow
Plant Genetics
Beagle illustration <BR>Tomatoe - Plant GeneticsAlas, after 9-11 this company decided not to use freelance artists. It was fun while it lasted though. snif.