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Book cover art

This is my very first book cover job!!!
A sci fi book called Merari published by Swimming Kangaroo Books

The scene here is of a city of living fungus. Larger formations act as dwellings. Spores from this fungus act as transportation pods. This fungus is intelligent and telepathic, and can communicate through tendrils inserted into the ear.

The small insert depicts the heroine with silver eyes receiving some important news of concern to her.

I haven't read the book yet, only a few things the publisher sent me but it sounds fantastic!

I really enjoyed working on this and hope to do more soon.

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Swimming Kangaroo Book cover
I was asked to redo this same cover with more emphasis on the heroin, and more neutral colors.
I used the same images and rearranged them.
Below is cover version #2.
Swimming Kangaroo Book cover
I can work with several mediums. In this case, the book cover is a full size acrylic painting which is actually several times the size of the finished cover. (The origional painting is for sale by the way.) The heroine is also a separate painting also many times the size of the finished insert.

Once the artwork is done, I put the images into Photoshop and add text, logos, title etc. Whatever the client asks for. (And in this case I actually flipped the insert to make her face opposite of the way of the painting. It just fit in the space better. Gotta love computers!)

Let me work for you too! If you need an illustrator hit that contact button to the left and send me a note.