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Book Illustration

Book of poetry,
Ten images were done for a book of poetry. Simple black and white line drawings.
To view them all, Click here.

There is a story behind this...

This is a job I actually worked on many years ago now.
A local guy (I will leave out names here) asked me to illustrate a book he was writing. (It's actually the second time he approached me about a book idea. The first never got off the ground.) But this time he gave me a draft, I thought he had a great idea and I set out to work. We discussed possibly having a dozen or so illustrations. He still needed to find a publisher, and get permission to illustrate and use the name of his neighbors dog, but he had the book written this time so I thought perhaps THIS time it would happen.

Well... I was just starting out as a freelance artist and was way too trusting. I never got one cent for this. Never asked for anything up front. He, for what ever reason never found a publisher and never quite finished this book. In fact he vanished for a long time!

Some time later he e-mailed me and said we should start again. Then I told him to finish the draft, find a publisher, and when this is the last thing needed let me know. I told him I have drawings sitting in my studio for years now and won't go further until he is ready. (I still never asked for money.) I haven't heard a word from him since.

These samples were shown to him back in 2002. Hey, enough time has passed. It's never been paid for so this artwork is MINE! At least I can use it to hopefully land some real work. (And no, I don't do this without money up front any more.)

I will leave out any details of his story in case he ever does decide to finish, just that this is about a dog who is raised in a welders shop.

note, this first image is not complete. You can see faint sketch lines of the chest and paw.

Childrens book image 1
Childrens book image 2 Childrens book image 3

Book illustration.

Another commission job here, using a photo, I created a pen and ink image to be used to illustrate a short story.

Dog line art

If you would like to read a short excerpt of the story this goes with, click here.