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Well this is funny actually. As a "graphic designer" I was taught "we didn't use clip art. WE design it." Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be earning money MAKING clip art but here it is.

These are all vector based, very simple designs, great for embroidery shops.

These designs were all used on a site called Sadly as of Dec. 2007 the site has closed down. Some designs here (bottom of the page) have been sold outright and will never be available again. Others were on a royalties basis with them holding exclusive rights.
Now that their site is closed down, these graphics are all available again. I'd LOVE to find a site similar to theirs. A site that sells the vector art for use with embroidery machines.
If you own such a site by all means contact me!

I DO take requests. The art here was created with embroidery patterns in mind so the images are fairly simple. But there are other applications for clip art.
So! Do you need some clip art??? Hit that contact button. Drop me a note with your request.

These sets are available Some of this clip art has been altered and is for sale on a variety of products here. shop. The Chinese Zodiac in particular works well in T-shirts. Since my shop is a totally different thing, it does not compete with shops selling this as embroidery clip art. SO... look for some of these on T-shirts, and gifts of all kinds.

These sets were sold to and will not be made available anywhere else again. I know they in turn charged premium prices for "limited additions" so even though they are gone now, I still consider these designs sold and gone.