Pond and Pink Lilly

Here we have the first of the koi pond paintings. I have since done several of these.
The pond series is another variation of "textured" paintings. The under painting, water, reflections, and any fish are painted first. When dry, several layers of clear gloss gel is applied and smoothed over with of all things, an old windshield wiper from my car. Hey, it works OK? When I have the "water" layer built up to almost an eight of an inch thick, the flower, rock, or leaf shapes are applied on top with thick gesso and later painted.

These are VERY 3D type paintings and it just doesn't show up well on the computer. Take a look at the close ups. Or better yet, Contact me and find out how you can own an original.

Pond with pink flower Pond with pink flower
Acrylic on panel.
11" x 14"

zoom in

I may list paintings on various art sites but you won't beat the price for doing business directly with the artist.

Off this site only,
Origional painting, $80.00

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