Dolphins at Atlantis

There are many places around the world where dolphins have developed bonds with humans. Some beaches have dolphins who choose to come close to the swimmers. Some native islanders fish with the help of dolphins who would round up a school of fish and drive them into waiting nets. Still, there has never been a level of communication as was in the great lost city of Atlantis.

In the ancient lost city of Atlantis, there was a particularly close bond. In fact, the people there could talk with the dolphins. Oh no, not in any conventional "language" as we know it but in a pictorial language which is the natural means by which dolphins communicate with each other. You see, dolphins, and many other cetaceans, have an amazing acoustical ability we air bound beings don't posses. They can literally project images into the minds of their neighbors. The Atlantians learned how to do this and often swam with their friends and shared stories with each other.

As we know, Atlantis was long ago swallowed up by some cataclysmic disaster. Today scientists still aren't sure exactly where Atlantis was, or what happened.
Ancestors of their dolphin friends do and they visit the ruins and retell the old stories to their young.

Dolphins at Atlantis Dolphins at Atlantis
Oil on canvasboard.
18 x 24"
(canvas size only, add about 4" with frame.)
I have this painting listed for sale on various art sites but you won't beat the price for doing business directly with the artist.

Off this site only,
$200.00 (with custom frame.) Deduct $80.00 if you want this without the frame.

Some nice computer prints, 8 x 10" are also available.
On photo paper, $12.00
On canvas, $15.00
No charge for shipping computer prints within the USA.

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