Diver #2

Diver #2 the second experiment in textured painting. I hope to eventually set up a section fully explaining how this is done but for now I'll just describe it. This is done with acrylic paint since it dries fast. The under painting, or the water and diver portion, is painted first then thick gesso is slathered on top and literally sculpted into the cave shapes. This is later painted over and the whole painting is given a clear glaze.

I've been playing with this technique for awhile now. The latest additions to this site, the pond koi paintings are yet another variation of this textured technique. Be sure to check them out too.

Please do keep in mind that the limits of the computer just don't show off textured surfaces well. I'd be happy to supply photographs on request but even those just aren't quite the same as an original.

Diver #2 Diver #2
Acrylic on canvasboard.

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I have this painting listed for sale on various art sites but you won't beat the price for doing business directly with the artist.

Off this site only,
Origional painting, $100.00
Does not include shipping charges.

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