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Airbrushing a B&W photo

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Selection tools

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Intro to Masking

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More with Masking

The lasso tool.

The last of our three tools to practice with is the lasso. This is one of those several tools in one type tools. Click and hold down your lasso tool button. There are three in there.

They are all pretty easy to understand. Just draw with your mouse.

To make a selection with any of these three your selected shape must be a closed shape. If you let go of the mouse before you get to your starting point, the computer will simply connect the two ends with a straight line.

The first, and probably the one you’ll use most often, is a free hand drawing type. Simply draw using your mouse.
The next one, the "polygon lasso" will only make straight lines.
Click every time you want the line to change direction. Don’t forget to end up where you started.
The third is called the “magnetic wand.” The idea with this tool is that it should be able to differentiate between areas of color that are different in value and select between them. Great in theory but frankly this tool seems to have a mind of it’s own. This is another one I have never had a use for. Any graphic or image with areas that different in value can be much more easily selected with the wand, or by masking which I cover in the next lesson. But try this tool anyway. It is rather cool how it works.

So, those are the three basic selecting tools. Now lets get some practice using them.

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