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Airbrushing a B&W photo

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Selection tools

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Intro to Masking

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More with Masking

The Wand tool.

The wand works quite a bit differently than the marquee. It selects whatever pixel you click on, and any pixel that touches it within a set color range or “tolerance.”

Open an image and click on it with the wand. Now look at your tool settings. (Remember, just under your menu bar. Or double click your wand if you have a version older than 6.) Note there is a “tolerance” setting. This tells your computer to either select that color and anything close, (a higher number,) or select that color and only pixels touching that are exactly the same color. (A tolerance of 0.)

Here are three examples. The first has a tolerance setting of 99,

the second was set to 22,

and the third had a tolerance of 0. I zoomed in on that one so you can see the actual pixels selected.

There may be times when you want a certain color or range of color selected that isn’t touching. For example, if you had some text and you wanted to select the background color. There is space inside the letters e, a, o etc. You can select more than one item by first making a selection, then hold down your shift key and make another selection. This can be tedious if you have many such non touching areas.

Or... use your menu bar and go under SELECT/ SELECT SIMILAR. That means, everything on your image that falls within your tolerance setting of what you have selected, will also be selected. Try this and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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