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Introduction to making your own clay canes.
What are canes? And how to make them.

Clay canes, came from the french term glass workers are very familiar with called millefiori. Which literally translates to a million flowers. This is when glass rods are fused together to form a cane and when slices are taken off, they look like little flowers.
Well polymer clay can mimic the technique quite well. In fact, clay artists have hijacked a few terms from other crafts.
I have a few pages on this site with images of every cane I have made to date. By all means, if one catches your attention, let me know in class.
Click here to see one.
In this class we will learn the basics of all clay canes. We'll all make simple leaf canes, fruit canes, (same technique for flowers,) and with left overs a kaleidoscope cane. Possibly more as time allows.
At the end of class, feel free to swap with each other so you all go home with a selection of neat stuff to create with.

A pasta machine is an absolute must have tool for this. I only have a few I can bring in. Which means this class is limited to only 4 people.
If you have your own pasta machine, please let me know, and DO bring it in. The more we have in class, the more canes you all go home with.

Clay.Count on buying your own but please, either call me first, or come to class first. After a short discussion on brand differences we can break for a clay shopping spree.
different brands have different qualities. You need to know this before buying the clay.

This class meets twice only because I know how long it takes just to make one cane. And I want us to do more than one kind.
My thinking is, we demo one technique, and only one student actually make it. Then we do another, with the next person. And like that.

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