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2 for 1 day Intro to poly clay and basic bead making
Avoid all the beginner mistakes, learn clay brand differences, how to bake, what tools to buy and more.
That's part one. A quick break and...
It's all about BEADS!

So you saw some of this polymer clay stuff and wonder what it is? What you can make with it? How do you use it?
Well let me show you. But fair warning, this stuff is addictive!
yup, if you have ANY creativity at all, (and if you didn't you would not be reading this now.)
Then this is one medium you will most certainly fall in love with.

I'll start by explaining what polymer clay is, the differences in brands, how to condition your clay and why.
Tips on curing, (it cures in any home oven.)
I'll discuss tools. What you really need just to get started and tons of things you might want to get later for specific techniques.
I'll bring in a bunch of my own tools for you to play with in class including a pasta machine. (You will really want to buy one of those.)

After the basics are covered, and we WILL be flying through that kinda quickly,
we'll start making BEADS!

I will bring in a pile of sample beads to look over as well as some pre baked blanks.
From here on the class direction will be based on what you most oooh and ahhh over. Be it pillow beads, veneer with clay cane beads, or assorted textures and finishes you might try.
I'll bring in plenty to give you ideas and we'll go from there.

Hobby Lobby does not supply us with an oven so please bring a plastic container so you can bring your raw beads home to bake.
Poly clay cures in a home oven at 265 for a half hour. We'll go over all this in class.

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