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Google AdSense has been removed!
Read about it, click here.

updated March 11, not much has changed. Just removed some old dead links.

Polymer clay classes at the Hobby Lobby in Kalamazoo MI.
I have not decided if I'm even going to offer classes.
I left my class descriptions on my site here.
Class Descriptions
It's been on my site since last Oct. And not one person has contacted me about them.
Last time I offered classes Hobby Lobby "forgot" to post signs until the last min.
I will leave my class descriptions up. PLEASE if your at all interested, let me know.

I did just run a little demo at the Dowagiac Cass County Council on Aging about polymer clay. It was a hit! Best part, I sold a bunch of items. They want me to do this again and I'd be delighted.
Might not happen till Feb. Maybe not even then depending on how much snow we get. But I'll post more info here when I know.

ArtmakersWorlds is my portfolio space. This is where I show some of the art and crafts I've made. Enjoy your visit.
Shopping news, sites I sell art and crafts on are listed right on this page. Of course if you find something on my site not listed anywhere, by all means ask.

Artfire is my new home for selling craft items.

You will NOT find me on etsy, nor will I promote anyone on etsy. Sorry. Read the whole story here.


Such as it is.
Zazzle ruined my nice layout. Read >>>
Products are still there, buried.
Even the little widget that showed my stuff, that use to be here is gone.

Ugh, I'm disgusted with Zazzle. I had a shop set up that was so easy to navigate. Pick the design you like, then find the products it fits on.
Well they decided to do away with any ability for me to code my own shop. So now my shop is a hodge podge of random items. NO navigation that makes any sense at all.
I have lots of products there, and they are still in their own market place, but good luck finding them. I doubt very much that I'll be adding anything new.
Oh why do sites all do this. They start out great, then get bit by a stupid bug. My sales there have dwindled to nothing since they made this bone headed change.
Oh well. Nothing lasts forever. I'll be watching for another print on demand site that gets it right. And if I find one, I'll post it here. So far, not one is worth the trouble.
Dec 22nd HEY HEY!!!! I WON Artfires design a T-shirt contest! I'm just SO excited. Wish I could see all the entries. That would be fun.
But hey! They are giving me 100.00 to shop any artfire shop I want. WAY COOL!
If you want to see the winning entry, here is a sample. (Of course this one is watermarked.)
I redrew their flame logo, then stuffed it with every possible word I could think of for things you might find on Artfire. "handmade" being the biggest, "Vintage and Supplies" a close second. Everything else as it fit in the space. Filled the text with the logo color and viola.
They are planning to print on black so that's how I'm showing it here.
Still don't know if I won the second part. The prize money is dandy but their employees get to submit deigns too. The winner over all will have their design used by Artfire employees. I'd REALLY be honored if mine made it that far. Meanwhile, I have some shopping to do.

note, you can now find this design for sale on a variety of products in my Zazzle store.Just look in the misc. section.

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