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Yea just got banned for good off Twitter.
THIS tweet is why
And yet the TALIBAN is still on twitter.
My old posts can still be found, here. https://twitter.com/artmakersworlds
(Copy and paste that, I won't give them free links.)

Oh I still have a youtube channel but it's kinda screwed up
They actually had a support link on twitter. BUT they are beyond useless.
Over a YEAR now... around and around with morons who can't read.
I cannot even LOG INTO a gmail account. Get an error just going to gmail
So cannot change my password. Cannot do a lot of things.
Not even going to TRY to upload any new videos.


Google AdSense has been removed!
Read about it, click here.

I set up a new page, called Old News

Just like it sounds, old stories I had on my main page here get moved. Too good to trash, but too old to keep on the front page. And when that page grows too long like most blogs tend to, I will add some navigation so you can find what interests you most and skip the rest.

Site building update, clearly it's not. I cannot figure out web building tools by myself. This site is hand coded and it's outdated. So here it sits. Yes I have tons of polymer clay stuff here but sales have to be one on one. Few people go to the trouble. And right now my clay stuff is still on hold, got a room to use but before I could sell some old furniture covid hit and everything ground to a halt.

LOVING SUMMER. Aug 2021 Swimming as much as I can, and yes still painting and crafting... just not adding much to this site anymore. Feel free to look around at older works though.

So I'm going to use my space here to do something I swore long ago I would not do. Talk politics.
Two topics sure to start anywhere from an argument to all out war are religion and politics.
Now there is no point in arguing religion. Your faith is your own and more power to ya. Please don't preach it to me, I have my own ideas and won't be swayed. So again, no point. Live and let live.
But politics? Here in the USA we are SUPPOSE to debate. And that is what has gone horribly wrong. DEBATE is not fight, argue, or battle over. Debate is a whole other beast. One side wants one thing, the other side wants something else. The whole point is that we elect people who represent how we want things done, they have a voice in government and are suppose to speak what their constituents want. Debate, and yes, some arguing, but in the form of making a point why your version is best and the others is not, they the other side does the same, both sides give a little to get a little. Meet in the middle.
Yea well that's how it's suppose to work but hasn't in a very long time.
So first my stance and why.
I was a young child when Kennedy was shot. My mother cried all day. I grew up watching Nixon and the whole Watergate scandal. I wouldn't fully understand that for years afterwards.
My mother, (my only parent) was a democrat. Another concept I wouldn't get for awhile. But when I was old enough, I would listen to candidates debate and pick who I thought was the most honest, who would do what they say and so on.
Except I can't remember EVER picking the guy I thought was actually good. My voting was based on who was least horrible in my opinion. And in my entire lifetime, I have never fully liked any president.
That being said, only years later, I learned that Reagan was actually pretty darn good. I hated him at the time, thought Ronald RAY GUNS was a crazy fool but later realized he was actually much smarter than I gave him credit for. His whole ray gun idea actually had Gorbachev convinced it was real. WOW. Ok, pretty cool. Wish I understood what he was up to during his term, but I just wasn't that into politics at the time.

So fast forward to Bill Clinton and his whole mess. And now I WAS actually paying attention to politic more.
For those who might be too young, or never followed it, here are some details of his term. BOTH Clintons were already in trouble for the WhiteWater scandal. Look it up, I won't fill this page with details but bottom line, they got off scott free.... But at the time, that was still under invistagation. Then this women, Paula Jones comes out with claims of sexual abuse by Bill Clinton. And even though I thought Bill Clinton was just another big fat liar politician, I kinda felt she was some form of gold digger trying to get free money.
But then... Monica Lewinsky comes out, well I don't think she wanted to, Linda Tripp somehow convinced her to save a dress with Bill Clintons, um, well, DNA sample staining her blue dress. And when he denied her too, that dress made it into evidence.
Talk about the "smoking gun." eeewwww.
Now in my mind, that was it. He did it, he was a typical male scum fooling around on the side, he was caught. Busted. Fess up, pay up, and that would have been that.
but NO! Suddenly this man, the president of the United States, a lawyer, clearly a smart man, couldn't define words like IS in court? He actually LIED in court. Put the womanizing aside, HE LIED IN COURT!
Now I knew he was a liar before he was even elected. When asked if he ever tried pot. Gees he was in college in the hight of the hippy era and pot was everywhere. But he couldn't just be honest, he said "I tried it but I didn't inhale."
HUH? So he either lied to his friends pretending to smoke, (not at all likely.) OR he's squirming around a then politically incorrect topic by claiming he didn't really since he didn't inhale. Yea I knew he was a liar right then.
Now... again. If he just said yea, I did it, I am sorry, pay the women (more than just a few) some kind of restitution, what ever he and his wife agree to is between them, my guess is no one would have cared.
but no. He fought... he was impeached by the house for perjury, lost his licence to practice law, but then the DEMOCRATS in congress defended his lying ass! To the bitter end they defended him. SERIOUSLY?
THEY should have been first in line to say "Mr. President you are not what the democratic party stands for, you need to step down." THAT would have been honorable. But is the total opposite of what they did.
I watched the entire long winded thing on TV. They actually said well... Kennedy had a thing with Maralyn Monroe so what's the problem? Yea well SHE IS DEAD. That she killed herself or was possibly offed because she may have known too much, we may never know. In either case it didn't end well for her and why would those morons even bring that up?

Seriously if your not familiar with this whole mess go look it up. But THAT was my WALK AWAY MOMENT. From that point on, I knew I didn't want anything more to do with democrats.

On to 2016. My husband tells me Donald Trump is running. My response was seriously? TRUMP? We can't find anyone better than TRUMP? But... I'd sooner vote for a steaming pile of dog shit than cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. Haven't we had enough scandal? And SHE was keeping up with assorted scandals of her own. Too many to list. That she got even a single vote is just scary. Far too many truly stupid people in this country.
So Trump wins. I thought perhaps he will be good. One thing is for certain, he knows how to make money. We could use someone with some actual business sense so we'll see.

Now.. I watched the news daily. Trump turned out to be without any doubt the best president this country has seen since maybe Lincoln! And SO much fun to watch him. One day Pelosi was throwing a hissy fit talking about what a racist Trump is.... and I swear the same day (or maybe the next) Trump hosted in the Oval Office, leaders from just about every religious group, nationality etc... all so grateful to him. Real racist huh?
I could not fit in this page all the GOOD THINGS he got done. Read everything he did here And all while the democrats did everything possible to thwart his every move. HE got things done despite them.

Election night. NO WAY Brain dead Biden could win. People can't be THAT thick can they? Well yes they can. And now media, or as he points out "fake news" sure did everything possible to slant what they reported.
This was and is just sickening. Democrats in office now are BEYONDN sickening. Bunch of hateful, and STUPID (AOC shoots to the top of that list) about ANYTHING we the people need or want.

Fast forward to today. What is going on now is flat out terrifying. When I was in school, two books from George Orwell were required reading, or viewing. (yes we could opt to watch a movie.) Animal Farm and 1984. MY GOD those need to be required again!
BOTH are happening right now! Freedoms are rapidly being challenged, and with the help of the fake news, and the fact that our judicial system seems to also be broken, add to that the fact that kids are NOT being educated about how government works at all.
Seriously, ask any HS kid what is the preamble. Most can't even tell you what it is! My school, (private, not the public instutution.) REQUIRED US TO MEMORIZE IT or we could not graduate!

I have also been learning more about our founding fathers than I ever knew or cared about before. Those were some darn smart guys. They looked at history of other cultures. WHY did they fail. What is it about human nature that could make things go wrong.
The whole constutution considered all the many ways greed, power, and money can corrupt and put in place a unique system of government that SHOULD keep all that in check. So far it's worked but we are in big trouble now.
Starting with again, STUPID PEOPLE who continued to hate Trump even AFTER the man had time to prove himself. Gees I didn't like him at first but he proved himself to be very good at his job. WHY would ANYONE actually vote for BIDEN????
I didn't believe that could be possible. Then came the cheating. And YES.... anyone with EYES who stayed up till 2 am watching results roll in had to say what the hell? Several states took a break? And when they came back suddenly Biden, who WAS losing, suddenly got thousands of new votes? There is tons of evidence of this but again, our judicial system seems broken. They won't even hear cases. So there ya go. We have Biden. A man who in his entire political career
DID NOTHING! Except get his worthless drug addict son HIGH paying gigs he had NO qualifications for other than his last name is Biden. And again, scandals abound... and the media keeps that quiet. So folks who only turn on CNN and think they are getting actual news, had no clue what was going on.

I have tutored HS kids for a time and even just on the ride to college, listening to them prattle off what I'm SURE is their PARENTS words... I would tell them listen to your parents. But then go do some homework on your own. Don't ever listen to only one source. FIND the opposing point of view and listen to it. You might be surprised what you can learn when you do this. Then make up your own mind.

So Biden. First blunder was UNdoing Trumps southern border work. Stopped construction on the wall which was ALREADY PAID FOR. Stopped the stay in Mexico policy, just let them all flood in with all the drugs with them unchecked.
Oh lets stop work on OUR pipeline. Trump for the first time in forever got us energy independent. But no, can't have that. Orange man bad. Cancel his evil pipeline. LET RUSSIA BUILD THEIRS though. WTF?
And now the mess in Afghanistan. CLEARLY we do NOT HAVE a "leader" in office. We have a demeted, wishy washy puppet. Just WHO is pulling his strings? HE doesn't even seem to be aware of where he is let alone what is goign on in Afghanistan.
I'm not a military expert but even I know if you want to pull out of a dangerous place, you take out
3. THEN remove troops.
Biden, the brain dead ass he is, DID THIS BACKWARDS! GIVING the Taliban OUR WEAPONS and other stuff, ability to unchecked do what ever they want to who ever they want.
OUR PEOPLE ARE STRANDED THERE AND NEED HELP RIGHT NOW!!!!!! NO BULLSHIT.... SEND BACK THE TROOPS AND GET EVERY LAST PERSON, PIECE OF GEAR, AND SOLDIER OUT IN PEACE NOW! And any Afghan people who worked with us, translated for us, or just want to escape, let them go and yea, America can take them if need be.
I can pretty much GUARANTEE this is what TRUMP would do. But not Biden. And all while this is going on, DEMOCRATS are SHOVING through a bill of HUGE spending (our money no less) for crap that has NOTHING TO DO WIth INFRASTRUCTURE. And as usual, there will be just enough spinless RINOs on the Republican side who will go along.
Money and power here. That's all this is about. Democrats want power, and a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY is being exchanged behind closed doors. Swaying the media and big tech? HUGE WARNING SIGN 1984 is HAPPENING NOW.
FEAR. Keep people living in perpetual FEAR. OH wear your mask... get your shot. ANYONE READING THIS SO FAR DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!!!!!!
Masks DO NOTHING against a virus. NOTHING AT ALL! Oh they CAN make you sick though trapping every form of dust, dirt, pollen, mold, bug parts, and moisture after just one breath bacteria starts to grow and YOU ARE SUCKING IN AIR THROUGH THAT? I flat out refuse. Vaccines. I was all for it when TRUMP got that out in record speed. BUT. early into this pandemic my husband came home with pneumonia. And tested positive for covid. Of course here in Michigan our MORON DEMOCRAT governor Whitmer made it impossible to GET any of the proven therapeutics. Hydroxychloroquine was banned in this state. Well after only one night in the hospital, and NO medication what so ever, they sent him home. A lifetime smoker he's had bouts of pneumonia before and recovered. After a few weeks he recovered on his own. Never actually had a "covid" symptom. Just a positive test result and I later learned a LOT of false positives were happening. Either way if he did have covid, it's a sure bet I was exposed.
I never did get sick but what I've read about the vaccine? It's different than normal flu vaccines. AND it can have really bad side effects if given to someone who already has natural immunity. Another fact about viruses, they mutate. And they do it rather quickly. It's why you need a new flu shot every year. Last years flu is different from this years. Same goes for covid. Evidence is now pretty clear this was a lab manufactured virus and NOT something nature would do.
The whole point of a virus is to make more virus. Killing the host kills the virus. So as this nasty killer version had time to either kill it's host, or somehow survive to infect a new host, it will mutate. And has been with all the new "varients." So back to this vaccine. Covid had been her long enough now, the original form is gone! The mutations though still very infectious, are nowhere near as deadly. Now... I ask you. These vaccines, have they been updated as fast as a basic flu shot to accont for varients? NO! THE vaccine is still THE SAME VACCINE! And now more and more government is pushing for some kind of mandate? A proof of vaccine?

BIDEN NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED NOW! His entire TEAM needs to be tried for treason. Governments main job is protecting AMERICANS! They have been doing the polar opposite of that.
And next election? VOTE OUT EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT! AND every single RINO republican. WE THE PEOPLE can still do that. Or go look at how live is in say China, Cuba, Venezuela. WE ARE HEADING DOWN THAT SAME PATH!

ArtmakersWorlds is my portfolio space. This is where I show some of the art and crafts I've made. Enjoy your visit.

WHY I need to open my OWN store.
And why I need to use MY OWN site to do it?

You will NOT find me on etsy, nor will I promote anyone on etsy. Sorry. Read the whole story here.

Artfire just joined my shit list for horrible sites. And they started out so good too. But they sold out. Ads slapped everywhere, and like SO many other sites in the past, complain too much and get booted. So fine. I've had it with all venue selling. They all seem to go this way. Start out fantastic, grow too fast, then sell out. I'm done with all of them.

Anything you may have found on pinterest or elsewhere (my photos all have watermarks so most people can still find me.) Just contact me directly.
I have sold many pieces directly, it's a little bit more of a pain to e-mail me, find out what I have, wait for me to send a pay pal invoice, and go like that. But it can be done. Until I get around to building a store, and now I might have to move this whole monster of a site first.
Sorry this has taken so long, and will be even longer, but honestly, I think chewing glass would be more fun than website building.

I do have a ton of crafts to offer. Lots of polymer clay canes, pens, notebooks, kaleidoscopes... the list goes on. But you have to talk to me to find out what I have, give me a clue what your looking for. I know, it's a pain. But for the time being this is the only way.

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