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updated Sept. 9
Changes are in the works for this site. Well it's going to be longer than expected.
I will keep the "old" version just as it is, with my older paintings and so on. But am in the process of adding a "store" to my site.
I have been very happy selling polymer clay canes and assorted hand made items using poly clay for years now. First on Etsy, and when they got stupid, I found Artfire. Well now they got stupid too. Greed abounds.
NO MORE with these venue sites that up and change the rules. I have had my own domain since 1998 and it's about time I put it to better use.

So to all my loyal customers, please be patient. It's summer and I'd rather chew glass than sit on the computer coding web pages. The beach is calling my name daily! lol.

Also... I will be sending out one last notice to my newsletter subscribers then deleting that service. I may or may not start up another mailing list. In the meantime, feel free to contact me and ask if you want updates as to when my "store" will be open.

Lastly, when I have time for nonsense, I will post the full story of what happened on Artfire. Short version, THEY SUCK!
Edit that, I just might let it go. Just take some free advice. Forget third party venue sites. Get your own. They all seem to go down the path of greed and stupidity at some point. I'll never get back the hours I spent promoting THEM only for the CEO to decide to screw the very people who keep him in business. Agh, no more venues for me.
(yea, it seems I'm still to angry over their nonsense to explain it without seeing red.)

Polymer clay classes at the Hobby Lobby in Kalamazoo MI.
HEY! By request, I finally have a class set to run. Sept 22 at Hobby Lobby in Kalamazoo.
This is a Two for One class. Starts with a basic intro to polymer clay and then we move into bead making.
AND..... Bring a friend FREE. Two for the price of one. (Or split it between you.)
Read more about it on my class descriptions page. Along with other class ideas that aren't scheduled for now.
Class Descriptions

ArtmakersWorlds is my portfolio space. This is where I show some of the art and crafts I've made. Enjoy your visit.
Shopping news OK, Artfire just joined my shit list for horrible sites. And they started out so good too. But they sold out. Ads slapped everywhere, and like SO many other sites in the past, complain too much and get booted. So fine. I've had it with all venue selling. I will be migrating my items HERE. It may be a few months but look for my own shop located right on this site. Anything you may have found on pinterest or elsewhere (my photos all have watermarks so most people can still find me.) Just contact me directly. <

You will NOT find me on etsy, nor will I promote anyone on etsy. Sorry. Read the whole story here.


Such as it is.
Zazzle ruined my nice layout. Read >>>
Products are still there, buried.
Even the little widget that showed my stuff, that use to be here is gone.

Ugh, I'm disgusted with Zazzle too. I'm really disgusted with all venue sites now. But at least this one I don't have to do anything to. Items I had listed back when I could build a nice looking, easy to navigate store are still on zazzle. Good luck finding them, but they are there. I haven't added anything new since they destroyed our custom layouts though. Doubt I ever will. Their forums are all but useless. But... I still make the occasional sale, (rarely.) So fine. Stuff I had already listed, is still listed. At least that doesn't cost me anything.

Jenny Mehlenbeck is the creator and owner of Artmakers Worlds copyright 1999 - now. Copying, linking to, downloading, or using ANY images off this site without permission is expressly prohibited!
Want to use something here? ASK ME FIRST!!!!

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