Submit your site on my links exchange!

Artists Links Submittion rules.

New as of April 2004

But! Please read these few rules and guidelines BEFORE you submit.

This may sound harsh but it's only because so many people don't bother to read first.

Failure to READ and follow the rules here will result in NOT being added and not even being answered.
I simply don't have time to explain what is already explained in detail here.

Reasons to join a link exchange.
1. I want to have a pool of good artists so anyone looking for art can easily find a site that interests them. Even if it isn't mine.
2. Recriprocal links This is now a REQUIREMENT.
BEFORE you submit your site make sure your return link is in place.

YOUR link page MUST be connected to the rest of your site. Having a links page which is NOT connected, just for the sake of having one, does no good at all!
MY links page is connected to every page throughout my site. I expect the same. If from your index page, I cannot the page my link is on, yours will be denied.

You have the option of submitting a SMALL graphic. (Sorry no full size banners.) If you choose to post a graphic, you agree to post one of mine in return.
Click the link here to copy one.graphic.

This is a link exchange!
That means I check your return link to see if it's on your site where you said it is. If it leads to no where at any point in time, your link will be removed and banned from ever posting again. Keep records of who you trade links with and when your site, or even the graphic I use changes LET ME KNOW!

If you submit a link graphic of some kind. Please keep them small. An inch or so and make sure your file size is small. 8k max!
Again fair is fair. Use one of mine in return. Click here to copy the code.

The RULES for who can submit.


This is an artists site only. Please do NOT submit if your site is about anything other than art.
Believe it or not, I actually had a "brain surgeon" try to put a site here once.
2. This page is intended for personal art sites only.
I do have a seperate section for community art sites, art supplies and other such things. Contact me for details on link exchanges if yours is anything other than a personal art gallery.

NOTE: You may NOT submit if your "site" is just space on a huge community type site. That is NOT considered a personal web site. (Free hosting services are fine. As long as it's your site and not just your page on some other site.)

3. If your site moves?
YOU are responsible for letting me know. I do check for broken links from time to time and if I find one you may be blocked from ever entering again.

All you need to do is drop me an e-mail. It would be helpful to let me know what the old one was.

4. You may NOT submit to more than one catagory. Even if your site covers a wide variety of art forms. Pick a main one and list the rest in your description.
5. I'm not very picky about your web site development skills as long as there is art to be seen, However; Broken links or under construction notes everywhere, sites plastered full of ads, or sites that just don't load will not be entered.
Important! Crash my computer just once and your out! Check your site with Safari, and Internet Explorer. IT MUST WORK ON BOTH.
Ask friends to check if you don't have access to these especially if you have a lot of java scripts, applets or anything other than simple HTML. Don't forget about Web TV and AOL users. Ask friends to look on these too.
I reserve the right to edit long site descriptions. Keep them to the point.
Post more details about what you do on YOUR site.
If people are interested they will come.
Your privacy is important!
I will not post your name or e-mail address anywhere, EVER. If someone wants it, they will have to go to your site to find it.

It is HIGHLY recomended that you subscribe to my newsletter. The Orbit.
You can opt-out at any time but as a link member it is recomended that you do not. There may be changes to the links pages and the letter is the easiest way to let everyone know. I will not search through everyones site looking for addresses. Check the letter for any important changes or risk being deleted.

I dislike, and report spam on a regular basis. I use to report ALL OF IT!
You will NEVER be sent junk mail from me!

Well that's it, you made it through the boring stuff. It may take a few days for me to check your site and get the link added. Please, Be patiant.

This is the easy part. Once you have placed my return link, use my Contact form and send me the following information.

1. Your site title.
2. Your EXACT site URL. (Check it first.)
3. The EXACT site URL of your links page where MY link HAS BEEN PLACED. (check it first.)
4. What catagory is your site? Even if you do many things, PICK ONE! You may NOT list in multiple catagories. Use your description if you offer more than one kind of work.
5. Your site description. Do your own spell checking please. I will copy exactly what you send me.
6. (optional) if you want a small graphic, and HAVE used one of mine, send me the URL of the graphic. I will link directly to that. And DO let me know if you ever re name or move it. If I see a broken link icon on my site, your link will be removed.