So do you think you know what this is? Actually the title should give you a big hint. Prismatic is short for Grand Prismatic.

Grand Prismatic is a deep, very hot spring in Yellow Stone Natl Park. It is so hot that only certain types of bacterial can live in it. The extreme heat also leaves the water crystal clear. Where the water spills over the edge onto the dry land it stains the ground yellow.

I used an airiel photograph I found in a National Geographic magazine as reference material. There is a foot path that goes over this lake which I chose not to include in the painting. Don't want to give too much away.

I decided to paint this because I liked the color and textures of the area. I wanted the lake to look "deep." In fact, I wasn't happy with the way this was going and put it away for over a year before I dragged it down and started using oil glazes over the water until it really started to look deep. Once again, digital reproductions just don't show this well.

So now you know what it is. Tell me what you think of my "abstract." Drop me a note.